If you can’t be a poet, be the poem.”

— David Carradine



Love catches up to you 

Like a good burrito gone bad

Enjoy its euphoria while it lasts

After the initial pleasure has been digested

You will have work to do.


I have learned cannot live long in Southern California without having tried a burrito or falling in love 

The sunset in your eyes is like melted cheese over slow cooked carne, I am hungry for you.


When authentic music hits the white blood cells in your body you are hooked

No cure, pure curiosity

Where's the next fix

2 ounces of funk

A gram of soul...

"Take it easy Youngblood, don't take it all in at once, 

Take your spirit off shuffle

"Throw on some Al Green and see which cloud you end up on..."


My porn is not fancy/

Hold on...Siri just wrote down "porn" instead of "poem"...let me start again/

My POEM is not fancy/

It will not make you jump out your seat and breakdance down the aisle/

My poem loves you..

but has a hard time expressing itself/

My poem is not "DOPE" or "SICK",/ does not go viral or contain a virus/

It is hot tea and reflection on the afternoon of Dec 25th after the presents have been opened and you realize people don't know you at all/


My poem is a unexpected call from an unexpected person/

My poem is like a murder.../

Wait a second...damn autocorrect wrote down "Murder" instead of "moment" and I memorized it that way

Let me start again/

My poem is a moment/

My poem is a mistake, and living with it/

My poem is a apology to better poems/

My poem keeps all the bad and squishy stuff in, like spandex/"

My poem is a superhero with bad weekend box office grosses. 

Saving one spirit at at time, for as long as it can...


Love has gotten a bad reputation

I blame (Nicolas Sparks) movies

I blame the thugs at hallmark

(You better buy this love!!)


...Love is getting bullied

And no one wants to do anything about it.

I blame you teenagers

I blame the flower industry,

Which is really a front for organized crime…


Keep my feet on the ground 

Where love is messy 

And it doesn’t think it’s more popular than it really is


Keep my feet on the ground

Where you love me

Even after I accidently erased what you’ve been saving on the DVR

Where you love me

Even in the moments you can’t stand the sight of me


Keep me grounded

Where it is inconvenient 

And awkward

Cause imperfection… 

Is the most beautiful thing God has ever created


…And I want to be in love with you there,

broken, covered in failure, but within sight of our dreams

knowing, YES, we could live without each other 

But we’d never, ever, want to try…

**********LABOR DAY EDITION*********

Today, as you cease from LABOR, 

as you...grill something, drink something, maybe even smoke something...

Today, as the sun tries it's best to slow you down, settle you in, make you appreciate the bright in your life...

Today your task is not to FORGET about work... 

Instead REMEMBER why you labor,... the mouths it feeds, the charity it provides, the dreams it funds, ...

However, if your DAYS OF LABOR do not feed, give, or dream...then... 



Love always,

Gill Sotu


Sometimes, I pretend to be a poet to get God to pay attention to me.

No matter what your age, in some shape or form we all are doing cartwheels in the living room for our parents approval.

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